Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

It’s not always easy to decide on the ideal fundraising event for your group or charity. There are so many great ideas around that you may not know which one to pick! However, it is unlikely that all of them are equally feasible for you.

Let’s look at what you should keep in mind when planning a new fundraising event.

Event Location

Some groups have an advantage over others because they have their own meeting place.

When fundraising for a school, church or hospital, for instance, you can probably use their premises. Sports clubs that have their own gym or stadium are also lucky. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for a location that can be used at low (or, ideally, no) cost.

How much room is there in your chosen venue? Is it indoors or outdoors? That will have to figure into your considerations.

Charity Resources

Your group may already have different kinds of resources at its disposal.

  • Human Resources – How many people can you expect to help? What kind of work are they willing to do? What are they good at? If you’re fundraising for children’s or youth groups, can you count on parental contributions? Do you have to hire specialists?
  • Money – How much can you invest in advance – for your location, for advertisements, for flyers, lecturers etc.? Are you aiming for a certain sum, or are you just generally looking to increase your group’s budget? Some types of event are more predictable in their outcome than others.
  • Other Material Resources – This includes donations for a raffle or jumble sale, but also things like props and costumes if you want to stage a play, or musical equipment for a concert. Everything that you don’t have at your disposal will probably cost you money.

Fundraising Event Themes

While you can have a fundraising event with no specific theme, themes can make your event more memorable, which can boost interest and participation. So if a theme offers itself, go for it! Here’s some inspiration:

  • Seasonal Themes – If your event is going to be in late October, why not make it Halloween-themed? Seasonal holidays make for a wide range of themes. Or be counter-intuitive – when everybody is tired of the cold and drab winter weather, a charity indoors beach party could be a smash hit!
  • Cause Themes – Sometimes, you can have a theme that’s directly related to your cause. For instance, a sports team can have a charity match with another team – or do an Olympics-themed sports day. A famine relief charity could do a sponsored 24-hour famine, and a museum could sell tickets to a fashion parade with historical costumes!
  • Local Themes – Maybe your town was founded by the Romans – let’s have a Roman-style dinner! Or is it the birthplace of a famous poet or artist? Does it celebrate a certain craft? Does it have a harbour or marina? All that can inspire your event. Given success and time, it might even become a beloved local tradition!

The possibilities are endless. So the most important thing is to remain creative and flexible. Ask other members of your group or team for ideas, and make the best use of everybody’s talents! That way, you can create a fundraising event that’s uniquely and specifically yours.

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