Fundraisers For Small Groups

Fundraisers For Small Groups

Small groups throughout the United States, and indeed the world, do an immense amount of work in raising money for charities and other good causes. Sometimes the money that has been raised will be used locally, while on other occasions the fundraising will be part of a collected effort (for example to help people affected by a natural disaster).

Regardless of who the recipients of the money will be, here are some exciting and inspiring ways for small groups to raise funds.

Bake Sale

One of the most popular forms of fundraising is a bake sale, where there is always a mouthwatering array of tasty treats on display. Bake sales always tend to make a lot of money as the quality of cakes, biscuits, and cookies on display is typically of a very high standard. In addition, they are always very popular as people who love to bake anyway take great satisfaction in seeing their goods being sold for a good cause.

More Food Fundraisers

Of course, it is not just bake sales that can raise money, as pizza fundraisers are now also extremely popular. In fact, selling any type of food or drink that people enjoy could be a good way to raise funds.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts sales represent another way for people to get involved in a fundraising project. Anybody who has a talent for arts and crafts can put their work on show.

People generally love to buy pieces of art that has been created by local artists. An arts and crafts sale is an excellent way to allow people to indulge their creative spirits, with the benefit that the proceeds from anything they sell will go to a good cause.

Fundraising Entertainment

An abundance of general talent within a group can be a good basis for organizing an entertainment fundraiser. Talent shows are not only great fun for everybody involved, but they are also a very effective way of raising money.

A typical fundraising talent show might have singers, dancers, magicians, jugglers, comedians, or anybody else who has a special talent that they would like to share. Even the smallest of groups can put on a very entertaining show.

Talent shows are usually very well attended, with all of the proceeds from ticket sales being used to support a chosen good cause.

Sports Themed Ideas for Small Groups

Any group that is focused on health and fitness could organize a sports themed fundraiser. The possibilities with this are endless. For example, a fun run or bike ride could be organized with participants obtaining sponsorship.

The great advantage of this type of fundraiser is that people of all ages can get involved in the promotion of health and fitness.

Choose an Idea to Fit Your Group

These are just a few of the many fundraising possibilities. Each community group will have an idea of the type of event that would be most successful in their area.

The more people that get involved in an event the better, as fundraising can foster real community spirit. Of course, the most important factor is that large sums of money are raised for a good cause!

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